In memoriam: William T. “Bill” Will

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As Shewahmegonites, our camping friendships—strong and deep—wouldn’t exist without Bill Will. This post will have many authors, to reflect the many lives Bill helped transform. This post is here to help us remember and honor a truly incredible man. If you’d like to share, please send your photos and memories to jimgibbons1[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you!


Bruce Ballantine, who was at Shewahmegon from 1966 to 1984 as camper, JC, counselor and tripper, sent along a few photos of Bill through the years. Thanks very much for your contribution, Bruce!

The Wills in 1956.

The Wills ten years later in 1966.

Gerry, Bill and Bruce's wife Linda.

The Wills and the Ballantines in 2008.

B. Dub on the water in 2008.


Bill with his group after completing the 1999 Border Trip. Photo by Dan Gibbons.

Bill Will at the center of the 2001 Staff Photo.

A close-up of the above staff pick. (Click to enlarge)

Bill overseeing some Northshore Dippers on a particularly warm year. From 2000's Border Trip.

Bill Will giving instructions on how to properly play croquet. Taken in the year 2000.

Bill shooting hoops on The Waterfront. Taken in the year 1997.


More to come…

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