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Adam "Pressy" Presbroten

Flat out one of my favorite people ever, I have about nine million amazing and embarrassing stories about Pressy (Adam’s nickname, cleverly derived from his last name… which is Presbroten). That’s how it goes when you live in a tiny cabin with a guy for five years. I’ll get to all those glorious tales later for reasons I’ll explain in my next post…

For now…

This photo was taken when Pressy and I were JCs (Junior Counselors, remember?) living in Cabin 4. Pressy is sitting on the gas station sign of the Drummond Conoco, known familiarly as Bear Country. Drummond, the nearest town to camp and Bear Country was a frequent, almost necessary, stop for anyone leaving Shewahmegon. Whether you were grabbing a soda pop, a novelty t-shirt or swiping a porn magazine (Mr. Trieshmann…), Bear Country was the closest bit of civilization to our remote boys camp.

This photo is also a great indication of the truly gorgeous summer days you get in the Northwoods.

Pressy is the man. ‘Nuff said.


A historical note…
Please enjoy the gas prices listed at Bear Country. Those prices were not an uncommon site in rural America back in the year 2000 (or was it 2001?). How far we’ve come…

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