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25 Mar 2009 by Jim Gibbons, 1 Comment »

Most camps have a camper and staff-written publication that updates and parents on the goings-on of their kids’ summer retreat. At Camp Shewahmegon, it may have been printed on pastel paper and put together on an MS Dos computer, but it was still a great place for us Shewahmegonites to drop little in-jokes and tell the epic tales of our Namekagon canoe trips and Pine Point 2 cookouts—it was called The Chipmunk Chatter.

In honor of those three glorious printed pages stapled together by hand to circulate our camp news, I have added a section (look to your right, there it is!) that’ll display all recent comments made on the blog. Hopefully, this will help people see a multitude of other camp stories posted in response to my main entries and foster the open forum feel I hope Nothing More American has in the future.

So, comment away! Now with NMA‘s Chipmunk Chatter, it may be seen by an old camp buddy who has an addition to your story, get you an answer to a nagging nostalgic question or give another former camper a good and much-needed laugh.

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  1. Brent says:

    Ah yes, the chipmunk chatter…where Slotback was born.

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