Random Recollections

16 Mar 2009 by Jim Gibbons, No Comments »

Though I’m as big a fan of linear narrative and chronological storytelling as the next guy, one of the perks of doing this memoir on a blog is that I can easily take as many detours and have as many interludes as I see fit. In that vein, and because my camp memories have unsurprisingly never paid me the courtesy of cropping up in sequential order, I bring you Nothing More American’s first regular feature: Random Recollections.

Hopefully, by posting chance camp thoughts that creep into my cranium on NMA as they randomly occur, I can deliver some of the spontaneous joy I receive from my headspace’s incidents of unplanned nostalgia. Also, this will potentially help me to tell many more stories while leaving plenty of tidbits out there that will one day get hashed out—little bread crumbs to lead you folks along, while acting as tasty morsels to some who might have more intimate knowledge of these vignettes. For now, enjoy them as they are and know that these scenes are part of a larger tapestry of tales.

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