Even More Memories of Camp Shewahmegon’s Fiftieth Year!

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After sending Martin Copland a link to the recent post that featured his photos, he kindly produced another batch of vintage Shewahmegon snaps! As always, thanks, Martin!

The captions, like last time, are Martin’s file names. I’ve added some commentary in between the photos, as well.

"Lactose is Jim's friend."

“Lactose is Jim’s friend.”

It’s dark, but all that white, including the sheets used as table clothes, means this photo was taken at the end of camp banquet. I forgot about those plastic milk cartoon handles!



Staffers slinging water balloons at the All Camp Cookout during Border Week. This is that beach on Lake Superior that was fairly close to Bayfield.

"Lake Owen and camp."

“Lake Owen and camp.”

While I’ve often been told, “Photos are better with people in them,” one of my biggest regrets about my camp photo collection is that I don’t have many shots that capture the landscape of camp. We were all using disposable cameras, so I’m not sure any of those photos would have been that impressive, but I wish had more shots of the waterfront like this!

"Sany introduces Hungarian fashion to the West."

“Sany introduces Hungarian fashion to the West.”

"Shewahmegons version of Baywatch was just wrong."

“Shewahmegons version of Baywatch was just wrong.”

Camp fashion at its finest.

"The sloppy joes aren't agreeing with everyone."

“The sloppy joes aren’t agreeing with everyone.”

While we do all look like we’re suffering, I believe that was due to a strong wind coming off the lake blowing Council Fire smoke in our eyes. That was a particularly windy summer, I believe.

"Working out: Shewahmegon style!"

“Working out: Shewahmegon style!”

The entirety of camp sweating to a Fourth of July morning workout before the All Camp (non nude) Dip!

"Whatchoo lookin' at, Willis?!"

“Whatchoo lookin’ at, Willis?!”

Another one from that Al Camp Cookout.

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