Some song sheets: Johnny Verbeck, Frozen North and more!

16 Jul 2010 by Jim Gibbons, 2 Comments »

In my last post, I put out the call for Shewahmegon Song Sheets. A day later, the illustrious Brent Parker (Former Waterfront Director extraordinaire!) reminded me that he’d already posted a few on Facebook. Excellent!

While the men of Shewahmegon had flexed our vocal chords with many more songs than the ones featured here around the Council Fire or in Lodge, this is a nice smattering of songs that demonstrate the goofy and folky tunes we used to belt out at camp.

A collection of favorites, including the Boo Boop, The Far Northland and the Frozen North.

One of my favorite, and one of the goriest camp songs we had: Johnny Verbeck.

A rarity during my time at camp, but on eof the songs that's come up most since those days: Charlie and the MTA. Did he ever return? No. No, he never returned.

Hot damn, this was a great tune!

Many thanks to Brent for scanning these puppies in, and if you have more song sheets please drop me a line at jimgibbons1 [at] gmail [dot] com. I’d love to get some more up here!

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  1. bparker says:

    We also started trying to write the lyrics to songs on the group at Facebook. Check out the discussion pages…

  2. Jim Gibbons says:

    I’ll have to go do some copying and pasting…

    Now, I’ll finally be able to get past the third line of “Coney Island Washboard Serenade!”

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